Lindsey & Jeff’s Photo Booth

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Congratulations to the happily married couple, Lindsey and Jeff! Thanks for having us run the photo booth at your wedding. We hope you have many years together, full of life and joy. We had a blast hanging out with your friends and family!

Caitlin & Ian’s Wedding PhotoBooth – Rochester, MN

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Our time this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota with KTTC News Anchor and Producer Caitlin Alexander and her new husband, Ian was certainly a blast. Time flies by when your in good company with people are are there celebrating the love and affection two people have for one another. The Rochester Golf and Country Club was [...]

Chelsea & Brady’s Wedding in Calmar, Iowa

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What a blast it was hanging out in Calmar, Iowa with the newlyweds Chelsea and Brady! You two have such a wonderful love for each other and we are so thankful to have been a part of such a special occasion. The photo booth was a hit with the guests  and we loved the creativity [...]

Rachel & Ryan Grekno’s Photo Booth FUN

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Congratulations to the happy couple, who have a love that is so special. What a great bunch of people who were able to come along side Rachel and Ryan to celebrate their happy day. The Oneota Golf Course and Country Club was the perfect setting for their wedding festivities :D Thanks for having us share [...]

Photo Wall in St. Paul, Minnesota

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Nikki and Robbie. The photo wall was the perfect choice of booths for your wedding! It fit in with your wedding theme perfectly and you could tell your guests weren't afraid of showing off their goofy outfits :D Congratulations to you two rock stars! Your wedding was a dream, your friends and family lovely, and [...]

Photo Booth at the Court Above Main

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What an entertaining wedding this was at the Court Above Main! Congratulations Dustin and Kacia :D You two make an awesome couple, and it was a blast seeing one of our previous employees at the wedding dressed up as a bridesmaid! You were all beautiful! How awesome it was that you were married at the [...]

Photo Booth in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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Tanya and Bryan. It was a divine intervention that the two of you met, and what a beautiful ending to the perfect beginning. Not to say that marriage is the end, but rather the ending of the two of you being separate. Now, you've joined together, to form one unit, continuously working with each other [...]

Jordan & RJ’s Wedding Photo Booth in Onalaska

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What's more fun than bringing all of your closest friends at your wedding into a photo booth with access to a wide variety of props?! You know how the saying goes, the more the merrier! We had so much fun working with Jordan and RJ at their wedding and they really capitalized on their time [...]

Wedding Photo Booth at the Waterfront Restaurant in LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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Jesslyn and Curt. The two of you have an incredible amount of love and passion for one another. I can't imagine doing long distance for a year and a half while on opposite sides of the earth, and yet somehow, the two of you managed. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your [...]

Wedding Photo Booth at St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN

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John and Joy. The two of you have so much dedication to each other, in the way you were able to commit to each other through 4,000 miles of distance over a 3 year period is truly impressive! We had a blast managing the photo booth for your wedding at St. Mary's University in Winona, [...]