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How is the quality of your photos and video?

Our quality is top notch; we only use professional camera systems that your photographer is probably using for your wedding or event. We have also just purchased Sony’s new photo sub-dye printer that can print pictures in 13secs, which decreases the wait time for those who want a copy of their pictures. Our video is just as clear as the photos. I can promise you will not be disappointed.

How good is your printer quality?

The printer and paper we use is the best in the business. You can stick your photo strip into water after it prints and will look perfect, just like when it was taken. You don’t have to worry about the pictures drying in time before putting your fingers on them either because the dry time is so quick.

How is the quality of your Photo Booth?

Our booth is completely technology driven with Touch Screen options for the number of prints, color or B&W photos or if the group wants to do a video clip instead, they have that option as well. We also use the best possible equipment for great photo and video clips because we understand how important it is to capture those fun and special memories you have with family, friends, and coworkers.

What happens if someone takes an inappropriate picture?

We do review all the pictures before posting them to the web gallery. However, if we do miss something that you do not want online, we can get it removed quickly. In the event you wanted certain pictures removed, you will be able to look at them on your CD or DVD still. Look at your own risk! ;^)

How many people can you fit in your Photo Booth?

Well, the most ever has been 15 people and that was really pushing it. Pretty funny to watch though! We chose not to have a seat in the booth for reasons such as that. The more guests you want to fit in the booth, usually the funnier the pictures are to look at. Though, you are welcome to go in solo, with a few friends, or with a whole group of you. We like to say, the more, the merrier!

Can your booths cater to people in Wheelchairs?

We have never had a problem getting anyone into our booths and being that they are quite spacious on the inside, we have been able to fit wheelchairs into the photo booth.

Do my guests get to take their photo strip home with them?

Yes, the photo strips are printed on site immediately for them to take home. The printer takes 13 seconds for each photo strip to finish printing, which is a quick and easy wait time. Each person that enters the photo booth is able to take a copy of the picture strip home with them, if they choose. There will also be a digital copy for the person hosting the event, whether that be the bride and groom, the event coordinator, or whoever.

What are my options for print outs?

Normally at events we print out 2X6 strips, or another option would be 4X6 size, but the 4X6 cost a little extra.

Can the photo strip be personalized?

Yes, we normally put the Bride and Grooms name at the bottom along with the date at a wedding. Or, if you are hosting a business event or an after prom party, graduation party, etc. we can definitely write a short personalized message on the bottom part of the photo strip. Adding the little message at the bottom is a nice touch and looks really nice.

Am I getting charged for setup and take-down of the Photo Booth?

No, when we say 3hrs of service, we will be taking photos or video in that time frame. Our workers will show up early to get the booth set up outside of the time period that you are paying for. Take down time is the same. Once the shift is over, our workers pack up in a quick and efficient manner, not disturbing your party, wedding, or event.

Is your company insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured.

Do Guests have to pay to use the Photo Booth?

Not at all, all your guests have to do is enter the Photo Booth and choose what they would like to do. We are a one time fee and you and your guests are able to print as many copies of the photo strips you would like as well as enter the photo booth as many times as they want. We are here for your entertainment and hope you guys enjoy our services!